The French elegance

Designed in Paris, Fontenay Paris proposes
models with classic and refined elegance.
Their pure designs reflect a timeless style,
not with standing the seasons and trends,
but still in "L'air du temps".

Jewels and watches symbolise a delicate
feminity and a soft sensuality, always chic.
Wearing a Fontenay Paris jewellery or
watch is being true to traditional values of
the French luxury: chic and elegant always,
long-lasting quality.
The French elegance

A true showcase for femininity, Fontenay
Paris reveals a sophisticated and classy
universe. Every season, the brand replays,
in a highly original manner, the designs that
sealed its success in creating pieces that
perfectly reflect the women they represent.
Dear to women's hearts, Fontenay Paris
delights those who like to see Time suspend.
The French elegance
Once upon a time

... the Fontenay Abbey - Created in the 12th
century and magnificent symbol of French
grace and architecture through its classic,
pure and elegant designs, this Abbey reflects
perfectly the French elegance.
This monument was the creative inspiration
that lead up to the foundation of the brand.
The goal was to propose watches which
not only offer unquestionable watch reliability
with a daily wear, while they make the women
chic, elegant and so feminine like the French
lady, at a very affordable price.
What a challenge!

Early 90's - An elegant and detail-oriented
watch collection sophisticated and of high

quality was born: a Jewel of a Watch.
From its launch, Fontenay Paris got
an instant success. Within 2 years, Fontenay
Paris was distributed towards 1000 resellers
in France. 2 Years later, the brand stepped
into the international markets: present over
the 5 continents, Fontenay Paris is
the symbol of the French elegance.

1998 - An ultimate milestone of this success:
Fontenay Paris is the leading brand of the
ladies watch in France. A dream come true:
a watch was sold every 3 seconds!

2011 - Fontenay Paris dares to use the
star material in the watch industry in recent
Once upon a time

years, ceramics, and launch a whole line,
trendy and modern.

2012 - Fontenay Paris launches its first
ever jewellery collection: a coordinated
variation of the watches collection, in
sterling silver or golden-plated metal,
which deliver the same message: try
the French jewellery elegance!

2013 - To celebrate its 20th Anniversary
and to offer to its fans a complete touch
of French accessories elegance,
Fontenay Paris launches its small
leather goods collection.

This year celebrates 20 years of Fontenay
Paris existence, made of success and
sustainability. The brand remains a sure
value in watchmaking, and is now
established as a key player in jewellery.
The brand dedicates all its know how in
the creation of watches, jewellery and
accessories and guarantees an
unquestionable quality expertise of every
product. This famous research for high
end quality has contributed to the success
of the brand all over the world as well as
the loyalty of its fans.

All watches are made in stainless steel 316L
and are water resistant to 3 BAR. Most of
the watches have a revolutionary system
which helps to adjust rapidly the bracelets,
practical and accessible to everyone:
by adding or withdrawing one or several
clasps, you can adapt the bracelet
to any wrist.

The jewels are made of rhodium
plated 925‰ sterling silver or 3 to 5 microns
gold-plated metal in brass. Each piece
of jewellery is made according the highest
standard of quality.
The muses
The muses

The French ladies and especially, the
Parisian ladies, who are known for their
fashion craze and quest for the perfect
accessory that will complete their style,
to get a unique and refined look. Changeable,
one day classic, one day trendy, casual or
sophisticated, so many women to propose
watches that could fit their daily changing
mindsets and looks, together with their
constant will to be elegant and chic, perfect
in every detail. The Fontenay Paris woman
can't be defined through her age but more
through her lifestyle. This is a modern lady,
at ease with her time, but stay true to
the traditions.
The muses

She has developed her own style of
getting dressed, reflecting her own
personality, and enhancing her features
and looks.

The Fontenay Paris lady stays details
oriented in her look anytime and shows
a discreet feminity. From the office,
to the evening parties, sophisticated
or casual, Fontenay Paris will offer
collections with the perfect accessories
for all her apparels.