In purchasing a Fontenay Paris you are opting for a product of incomparable quality.
Our reputation, of which we are extremely proud, is the reward for many years of efforts in this product. In fact, all Fontenay Paris watches undergo a rigorous quality control carried out in our Franche-Comté workshops, and each one meets a series of requirements, which constitute Fontenay Paris’ quality charter.

Your Fontenay Paris watch is guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of the original purchase. This contract guarantee is granted under the normal conditions of usage. We invite you to read this document carefully.
This contract guarantee applies in addition to the legal guarantee against defects or hidden faults in accordance with article 1641 and subsequent articles in the French Civil Code.

Terms and conditions of the Guarantee.

We invite you to entrust your watch to your Fontenay Paris watchmaker retailer. Fontenay Paris is not liable for loss or damaged caused to the products during transit.
It is essential that your parcel includes:
- A copy of the receipt and description of the problem
- The guarantee bearing the date of sale and the seller’s stamp
We reserve the right to choose between repairing and exchanging the product.
In an exchange, a similar product will be offered in the event of the model concerned being unavailable.

Terms and conditions of Service or Repair which must be paid for, not covered by the guarantee

We invite you to speak to your Fontenay Paris watchmaker retailer.
Please include in your parcel:
- A copy of the receipt and description of the problem
The repair will give result in an invoice for the service corresponding to the expenses incurred. Contingent on the individual parts availability and the cost of the repair, we reserve the right to offer you an exchange for an identical product, or an equivalent model, resulting in an invoice for a replacement service.

Limitations of the Guarantee

This contract guarantee does not cover, among other items:
- The battery, case, glass, buckle or bracelet,
- Damage resulting from normal wear and tear or other factors besides defects in material or workmanship
- Damage resulting from an intervention by a non-authorised person, poor handling, accident or shock
- Damage caused by water in the absence of a suitable water-resistance indicator
This limitation does not affect the legal guarantee valid against defects or hidden faults in accordance with article 1641 and subsequent articles in the French Civil Code.


The pressure in ATM or Bars trial pressure and must not be considered as an indication of diving depth.
- 3 ATM or Bars the watch is designed to endure accidental splashes.
- 5 ATM or Bars the watch is designed to endure water by respecting the general conditions of usage.
If your watch does not have a water-resistance indicator (for example 3 ATM), then your watch is not water-resistant. In this case, do not put it in contact with liquids to avoid damaging it.

General conditions of usage

- When the watch, even if it has a water-resistance indicator, is in contact with water, do not touch the push-buttons or the crown.
- Diving into water can suddenly increase the pressure exerted on your watch by exceeding the resistance limits anticipated.
- Leather bracelets are not designed for regular usage in water.
- Large differences in temperature can temporarily affect the functioning of your watch.
- Your watch is not designed to endure strong shocks or vibrations. We recommend that you take it off before beginning any heavy work or in situations where it is at risk of being damaged.
- Do not bend the metal bracelet beyond the natural curve of the wrist. When you are not wearing it, we recommend that you store it in its presentation box.
- Avoid putting the watch down under heavy objects or loose in your handbag.
- You must ask your watchmaker for a water-resistance test after changing the battery.


The collection Fontenay Paris is made of rhodium plated 925‰ sterling silver or 3 to 5 microns gold-plated metal in brass. Each piece of jewellery has been made according the highest standard of quality.

The Fontenay Paris signature is engraved on a tag for bracelets and necklaces. The 925 hallmark certifies your jewellery is made of 925‰ sterling silver and guarantees its authenticity.

Fontenay Paris ensures support for any defective product for a period of one year.

To keep your jewellery looking its best, it should be buffed with a soft cotton cloth. Avoid contact with perfume, hairsprays and chemicals in general.